Groom Calls Off Wedding After His Fiance Nearly Killed His Dog During The Bachelorette Party

by Stephanie

Owning a pet is not a responsibility that should ever be taken lightly. In many ways, it's right up there with being a parent.

Even taking care of someone else's pet is a big task. After all, it's a living, breathing thing, and most people would do everything possible to ensure the animal's safety.

However, some people aren't as careful as they should be. And this groom found out the hard way that his wife-to-be wasn't quite up to the task of dog-sitting his best pal.

The groom posted his story in a Reddit thread, asking if he was the a**h**e for breaking up with his fiancee after she almost killed his dog, and in true Reddit style, users didn't hold back with their responses.

Essentially, the groom left his dog with his fiancee because she wanted the dog to be at her bachelorette party. He left her with clear instructions on caring for the dog; however, she couldn't be bothered, and the groom almost lost his furry friend as a result.

Here's how people reacted.

#1 That is not a good relationship.

She clearly doesn’t mean that much to you, so yeah, leave over this.
I have a cat whom I adore beyond reason and if my current BF accidentally hurt him, I’d be pissed and upset but your dog isn’t dead. If he’s more important than your woman, that relationship is doomed. I’ve been in a relationship where I would have chosen my cat over them. That is not a good relationship.

#2 A good enough reason to end it.

ESH – and reading through your replies to most people it seems you’ve got a lot of issues with your partners behavior, and you were possibly looking for a good enough reason in your head to end it.
I hazard a guess that if everything you’ve listed has been getting to you over time, that the marriage would not have lasted long after that.

#3 What would people say if she had done the same thing with a kid around?

That level of carelessness could lead to death. What would people say if she had done the same thing with a kid around?
It’s pretty obvious how you feel, getting out now seems like a better option than having this fester until the divorce.

#4 She deliberately ignored what you asked of her.

You asked her to do one thing. Put the dog away. I saw a comment where you said they kept him out because they wanted to pet him and stuff. This is what makes her TA. She deliberately ignored what you asked of her after she asked for the dog to stay there, and then she neglected to watch the dog or put the dog away later when they started drinking. It’s neglect of an animal.
It’s really pissing me off that everyone is giving off ‘it’s just a dog’ vibes. Like wtf. This wouldn’t of happened if the dog was put away like she was asked. It wasn’t an accident or a mistake because she left the dog out on purpose for entertainment. I think this is a legitimate reason for not marrying her. It’s not like they could get married and be happy and laugh about it in the future like ‘do you remember on you hen party when my dog almost died due to your stupidity? Hahahahahahahaha’

#5 You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

I don’t understand the people saying, “But it’s just an accident!” She went against clear, easy instructions by OP and should have enough common sense to keep that stuff in a safe area in the first place. She also has a history of questionable decisions. What if this was their child in the ER?
OP, block her family and take a break from talking to yours. You don’t have to forgive her just because your dog lived this time. And you don’t have to stay and marry her just because you’ve been together for 4 years. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

#6 It seems you were already looking for any reason to bail on the wedding.

She messed up by not doing as you said but it wasn’t only on her.
You say she is a careless person and you give a bunch of examples, then isn’t it your job to take care of your dog and not leave it in a dangerous situation with her know her carelessness?
I’ll be honest though, given how you mention other minor things she does/did, it seems to me you were already looking for any reason to bail on the wedding. You were getting cold feet and are using this as an excuse to get out of a years long relationship and marriage commitment.
She made a mistake and had already been crying for hours, as you mention, so she didn’t do it deliberately. I’d even understand if she hadn’t shown remorse at her mistake or something.
There is a reason why all those around you are saying you are over reacting, even your mun and your best friends. I don’t think you are overreacting though, I think you are just using this as an excuse to bail, knowingly or unknowingly, because you have cold feet.
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#7 It's a massive over reaction.

YTA as it is a massive over reaction. However, you seem to have bigger issues.
You say you’re not holding on, but you clearly are.

#8 The way you speak about her is atrocious.

It was an accident. The way you speak about her is atrocious.
Please leave her so she can find someone who doesn’t think she’s an idiot.