34 Wonderful And Uplifting Animal Tweets

by Damjan

Whenever you are feeling down, the best thing is to spend some time with pets. It is our little return to nature. If you don't have an animal nearby, the next best thing is to watch some adorable animal photos and videos. It never fails. It raises serotonin levels in just a few seconds.

We have collected some of the most adorable posts with animals. And they are just what you needed. If baby squirrels, baby goats, sad cats, and sleeping baby owls don't get your mood up, we don't know what will.

Check them out and try to pick your favorite.

1. Art

2. Apparently, love is not all we need…

3. Big cat.

4. Baby goat

5. Yoga

6. Repeat

7. The microphone is on.

8. Happy.

9. Drama

10. Baby owl...

11. "I want what this dog has"

12. Cat and fish

13. Any tips?

14. Not impressed.

15. Cat eating like a pig.

16. Google Earth...

17. No friction

18. Loaf of bread

19. Epic encounter.

20. Try it

21. The cat and Danny Devito

22. Oh.

23. Very important.

24. Go over it...

25. Guess who...

26. "A subtle hint."

27. "Best beagle in the land."

28. Strike a pose...

29. Cats with books...

30. Llama.

31. Priceless.

32. Calliope

33. "Free serotonin"

34. "Fox giggling"