Bark Box Offers A Scandalous Looking Toy And Facebook Collectively Loses It

by Elana

What is BarkBox, you might ask? Well, it's a subscription service that caters to dogs by offering deliveries of quality toys designed with pups in mind. Subscription services have become wildly popular over the last few years, with monthly deliveries available for everything from razors and coffee to kits for breastfeeding moms and make up for all. It's only natural that the market would make room for our fur babies, we have a tendency to spoil them (rightly so.)

BarkBox regularly shares "sneak peeks" of upcoming products to help entice potential buyers into giving their subscription service a go, but recently one toy looked rather peculiar and sparked an absolute flurry of hilarious commentary. Not only that, but the social media team behind BarkBox indulged and played along, making for an utterly hysterical time.

First of all, take a gander at this plush pig toy.

Innocent pig? Or something more deviant?

People immediately thought it was ...devious.

People made wildly inappropriate but hilarious comments and BarkBox played along.

SO close to saying the wrong p-word.

...Never mind. Someone said it.

People were wildin' out. BarkBox seemed to enjoy it.

Long and hard indeed.

I asked the same question.

Realistically, there is no better way PR could have handled this.

Emoji and Gif game on point, BB.

Or do they?

My dude.


Think of the piggies!

They're having fun.

Expanding their demographic?

It's been meme'd, it's official.

Oh dear.

We're all worried about Brandon.

We're definitely rolling with it, BarkBox.

Wholesome Doggos.

Give and ye shall receive.

Thanks, indeed.


A quality product review:

Full disclosure, this made me cackle.


Concerned Noises Intensify.

Frantic as heck.

In all fairness, butts are funny.

Meme-ing Intensifies.

Yes, we're surprised.

Concerned about that maybe.

It's big brain time.

Whoever runs the social media marketing for BarkBox is probably a genius, they handled this so well.

via: BarkBox

What do you think this piggy toy looks like? A good time for dogs or... something we giggle about? Let us know your thoughts and experiences regarding BarkBox in the comments now!