People Are Hiring Miniature Donkeys To Serve Drinks At Their Wedding

by Rachel

There have been some very strange weddings trends over time. Pinterest is full of ideas of weddings past--as well as present and future!

Basically, there are some really cool and unique things you can do to tailor your wedding to your personality and make sure it stands out from the rest. After all, there are only so many ways you can have a wedding!

A lot of people try to incorporate their pets into the wedding as best they can--I've seen many a dog run down the aisle holding the rings. But what about a more random, more quirky and more funky animal?

That's right folks, donkeys are the new hot wedding trend!

Alisha Randig of Texas Hill Country Events was approached by some local caterers who told her that some people had been requesting some strange methods of serving drinks.

So, naturally, Alisha jumped onto Craigslist, and purchased herself two miniature donkeys.

The little burros make any event extra special!

The little burros make any event extra special!

She ended up with a total of six burros, which are in high demand to serve drinks and snacks at weddings.