There Is Nothing More Precious Than The Connection Between A Cat And A Dad That Didn't Want It

by Sophia

It's no surprise that cats can easily capture someone's heart, even if it's the most reluctant person out there. Come to think of it, how many times have you heard stories of people saying that they don't like cats and they wouldn't like them to be their pets?

A lot of people have come to a point in their lives wherein they thought of this, but news flash—it all ends the same way. They easily come around, eat their own words, because they turned into someone that could never get enough of these felines!

That being said, there are also plenty of people on the Internet sharing moments about them wanting a cat, but their parents, specifically their dads, told them not to. However (and fortunately), they did it anyway!

Things definitely take an interesting turn because most of these dads who initially "despised" cats actually ended up being best friends with the adorable little munchkins their kids brought home. It goes to say that everyone can be defeated simply by a cat's charisma.

A cat's behavior, affection, and favoritism attitude can be quite unpredictable, and the funny thing is, they tend to be drawn to people who initially disliked them. It's just like being a person who doesn't know how to act around kids but kids keep coming to you for some reason.

Luckily enough, we are now well equipped with technology to capture the perfect moments that prove that a cat can indeed turn the tables around when it comes to some people's certain feelings about them. Cats do not care how hard of an exterior you have put up, they will just try to win you over—and there's a 99% guaranteed rate that they will succeed.

Take a look at some wholesome examples of cats and dads forming a special connection below!

JJ and his sweet relationship with this 86-year-old Grandpa.

This video was shared on Tiktok by a user named Hailey. She mostly posts about her rescued cats Hazel and Ivy as content.

They are definitely one of the most adorable and wholesome pairs you will ever see on the Internet!


Just look at JJ being serenaded by Grandpa

By popular demand, Hailey posted another video of Grandpa and JJ. The fans wanted more content revolving Grandpa and JJ's relationship, so Hailey delivered.

Here's a video of them wherein Grandpa is playing the guitar and JJ listens attentively in the same chair Grandpa's sitting in. You can see that JJ is clearly loving it!


Now, on to the dads that explictly claimed they did not want a cat in their life.

A Tiktok user by the handle of issydx posted an adorable video of her dad becoming best buddies with her cat. He initially claimed that he didn't want nor like cats, but he definitely proved himself wrong when this adorable feline came into his life!

Whether or not he would like to admit it, the cat has definitely filled in the role of the best buddy he always wanted.


This Dad couldn't even resist kissing his best friend!

A Tiktok user called Bee shared this video of her cat and her Dad smooching on the lips! You wouldn't even imagine him saying he didn't like cats just not too long ago.

This pair are even playing house.

A TikTok user called Mrs. Sandwich shares a video of a dad who found himself playing house with a cat – and enjoying every minute of it.

“He built the cat a house and showed him around,” said Mrs. Sandwich.


This man just couldn't say no!

A TikTok user called DadAndBoujiEE tells he was “bamboozled” when his family adopted an adorable cat named Simone. “Dad she’s been at the shelter since April,” his wife said as he finds Simone already in the courier.

He just couldn't resist, as he saw Simone kissing his wife when she asked, “Do you want to go home with me and live forever?”

Soon enough, the the man was already playing with Simone!


“There’s no love like the one between a cat and the dad who said he didn’t want it," a comment says, after seeing the video.

“Sigh…who would have thought. They need to talk about this in Dad support groups,” said TikTok user DadAndBoujiEE.

Well, seems like they really need to!


Seriously, cats are irresistible, and these moments caught on videos are certainly enough to prove it. Their cuteness is truly overflowing, and they have the power to make these dads change their minds instantly about them!

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