Guy Shares Cat Facts He Swears You Won't Know

by Rachel

I like to consider myself a bit of a cat fact connoisseur. I know a lot about cats, they are my favourite animal, and I like to think I have a lot of random cat knowledge stored in my brain.

So when I saw a video titled "Cat Facts You Probably Didn't Know." I was very sceptical.

Usually, cat facts videos are full of the same facts over and over, and they rarely help you learn anything new about the mysterious animals. This is probably how cats like it.

These videos are different and I was SHOCKED at what I learnt... check them out below.

Starting off strong, what their sleeping position says about them...

Starting off strong, what their sleeping position says about them...


But don't think you can rub it!

Oh I thought cats loved sleeping in boxes?

They're always watching...

This position is so CUTE

This is my cat's favourite position

The world demanded a part 2

The world demanded a part 2

I have a purring cat on my lap right now. Which is cute but she is blocking my laptop.

"Nothing to see here!"

Glad they flex with their business.


"Listen up!!"


And a part 3!

And a part 3!

They're so powerful

My cat and I have something in common


Personally, I view this as an attack

This is the least of what I would do



Not cool!

Guess I'm at the bottom then.



Listen for the emphasis "O" or "E". O sounds mean they want something.

"You would not be able to fend for yourself in the wild."

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Cats watching us learn their secrets like:

Which fact was your favourite? Do you have another secret cat fact? Share them in the comments below!