This Cat Thinks He's A Dog And Hangs Out With His Doggo Brothers

by Rachel

The expression "fighting like cats and dogs" has no place here. While there is a common conception that dogs and cats do not get along.

As two of the most common house pets, there is often an unspoken (and sometimes spoken!) rivalry between the two adorable kinds of creatures. There is no denying that cats and dogs are very different animals.

Dogs are known for being more attention seeking and energetic. Whereas cats are known for being more ambivalent and aloof--dogs seem to want to hang out with you, cats make it seem like a coincidence that they are on your lap.

Nevertheless, check out this cat that defies all conceptions and thinks he is a dog!

His wife did some research to see which breed of cat best got along with dogs.

Do you have a cat that acts like a dog? Or a dog that acts like a cat? Share your stories in the comments!


And while they were concerned whether Kiki would fit in with her doggy brothers...

Tbh, I'm just so impressed by how photogenic all four of them are!

Even though he still appears to think he is a Shiba Inu!

Luckily the dogs don't have too much energy and are happy to nap with their cat brother!

One Japanese couple had three dogs--but the wife had always wanted a cat.

And decided on this American Shorthair, Kiki!

They are social media superstars and don't even know it!

Their Instagram is @saki.ibuki.hazuki and they have 187k followers!

They have such a great connection.

It looks like they are protecting their kitty!

Her husband was less sure, and was happy with their dogs.