People Share The Most Creepily Intelligent Thing That Their Pet Has Done And We Are Spooked

by Rachel

I am sure that many of us think that our pets are, well, not the smartest. And, sure, it is because animals such as cats and dogs are very different from humans--especially domestic pets, and therefore have very different conceptions of intelligence.

Now all that goes without saying, really. But there are also times when our furry friends manage to surprise us and baffle us with their random spouts of genius.

Whether they are giving back into their wild and natural instincts, or figuring out how to exploit their life of luxury, pets sure have done some creepy things... so read on to discover the best of this Reddit thread.

One moment of genius, another of madness!


my cat, Tuffy stole a piece of bread off of the stove and put it in the floor next to the cabinet. She then stared at it intensely, and motionlessly for an hour. We thought that was creepy. Then a mouse came out from behind the cabinet to get the bread and she pounced it! She was using the bread as motherfucking bait! This is the same cat who routinely burns her tongue licking lightbulbs, hisses at them, and keeps licking.

Yikes no more candles for this kitty!


Genius! But the lightbulb thing reminds me why we never have candles in the house. Our old black and white cat would be mesmerised by them, creeping closer and closer to the flame. And then burnt his whiskers. He didn't learn - so the next time we had a flame, he did it again! No more candles in our house!

That's amazing


I had a cat as a kid that did something similar. He would kill voles and other small animals, and then place them in an open area like the driveway and wait in the bushes. When crows, ravens, and gulls landed to eat the little dead critter, the cat would pounce and bag himself a big tasty bird.

This is so funny


I woke up one summer morning to a flooded basement. My dad was yelling at me that I had left the outdoor faucet running which caused the flood. Spent hours and lots of money cleaning it up. Come to find out my dog, after watching me use the faucet, figured out how to turn it on. We only found this out because one day my dad heard someone cranking on the faucet, and when he looked into the yard, my boxer's mouth was around the valve, twisting her head like a confused puppy until it turned on. She never did figure out how to turn it off though.

Animals finding excuses to go to places where they are not allowed is so funny


"My friend’s dog knows he’s not allowed onto one very specific carpeted area in the house and he knows never to step onto that area. How does he like to be a smartass about it? He grabs his favorite toy, casually tosses it onto said carpeted area, looks at us, and gives us the “well my toy’s there and I have to step onto the carpet to get it”. He does it so slowly and so deliberately that you know he’s being a complete smartass about it. I can’t help but laugh every time he does it which is not often. He typically does it when he’s desperate for our play because he knows he’ll get a laugh and a positive reaction out of it."

"Who? Me?"


"We had a dog growing up that wasn't allowed at the dinner table to beg for food, so at dinner time he would get as close to the dinner table as possible and turn his back to it, and look over his shoulder as we all ate."

This is adorable


"My dad has always had problems with throwing his back out and it usually makes him unable to move for several weeks. Anyways, one time when he threw out his back, my dog grabbed a blanket in her mouth and slowly spread it over my dad while he was sleeping. We were all amazed and gave her a treat"

"Please remove the intruder"


"Woke me up and brought me outside to under the deck, where he very obviously showed me the cat that got out and was hiding under there. He looked at the cat, then back at me, then at the cat, then back at me."

This dog is a snitch!


"My dog is a huge tattle tale. After being yelled at several times for stealing loaves of bread off the kitchen counter, the last time I walked in to find an empty bag on the floor, he preempted my speech. He picked up the bag, walked over and dropped it on the cat's head. (I doubt he was aiming). That's the first time I noticed the bag was riddled with teeny-tiny cat size claw marks.
Another time, visiting my folks, my mother let him inside after his morning potty time. I hear him downstairs "asking" for his treat, then a minute later he suddenly comes running up the stairs, finds me and starts "telling" me all about how he went potty outside like a good boy but stupid Grandma didn't give him a treat! He was so upset.
He got two treats that day and now we keep the bread in the fridge."

Bet the cat put it there in the first place!


"When I was younger I lost a watch that I really loved. Around that time my cat developed a habit of using his front paws to reach under the fridge and just scramble around under there like crazy. He was seriously obsessed and did that for almost a year, until one night he pulled out a tray that had been under the fridge, and on it was my watch. After that he never touched the fridge again. He was a good boy."

Worth it


I had a diabetic cat, and he'd always get a little lunchmeat after his injection. He'd often stay in my lap after the injection, batting the syringe, like "will totally have more shots for more ham, please!"

Y'all ever get bullied by a cat?


There was a time when, coming back from a trip, the balls of my feet were swollen and it hurt going up and down the stairs. My cat, that little shit, would actually imitate me by limping up and down the stairs (taking the steps one at a time) while meowing pitifully. I swear if he could talk, he would've said something like "see, this is how stupid you look."

How about beaten at hide and seek by a dog?


I actually have a story for this. I taught my dog to play hide and seek. I made him sit in the kitchen while I hid a rawhide somewhere in the house. He would then search until he found it and would then bring it back to me. I would then tell him to hide it and he would. One day I was searching for the damn rawhide for like 10 mins and could not find it. Searched everywhere. Eventually I had to give up totally confused. Next morning I open a dresser drawer to get a pair of shorts and there it is. He saw a slightly cracked drawer, dropped it in, closed it, and outsmarted a human. I was very proud.

Bless this is so cute


My cousin had a koi fish pond and two dogs. One night the dogs started barking during the middle of the night really loud and urgently, and they almost never bark at anything. My cousin and her parents knew something was weird and went out to check.
One of the fish somehow managed to jump out the pond and was flopping around next to the water on the concrete, and one dog was trying to help it back in the water with his nose while the other was barking for my cousin or her parents to help.
Once they watched them place the fish in the water, they went back in the kennels to sleep. They would watch the pond a lot from then on.

"What took you so long?"


While at the park playing fetch, my dog spotted a squirrel and took off after it into the woods. I couldn't find her for the life of me so my mom and I started driving around to look for her and checking our home voicemail every 10 minutes in case someone found her and called the number on her tags. 2 hours go by and we decide to go home to eat before continuing our search.
Turns out she walked the 3 miles back home from the park and snuck under the backyard deck and up the deck stairs and was waiting at the back door for us upon our return.
That smart bitch. Still love her though.



Not mine, by my mother had two cats in Hawaii before I was born. She would tell stories about how one, Epo, was very intelligent, and the other, Popokie, was as dumb as a bag of rocks. Made a great pair.
She would talk about how they'd be playing out back and she would call them in for dinner. Epo would immediately show up, but Popokie would be lost in her very small backyard
She would just look at Epo and say: "Epo, go get Popokie!"
And Epo would run out and guide Popokie into the house and to his food dish so that he could have dinner.
Same sort of thing if she had no idea where Popokie was. She would just tell Epo to find him, and Epo would go search the house and bring Popokie to her.

No thanks


Rock in a rocking chair. I thought my living room was haunted for weeks.

My heart!


If I called my girlfriend at around 9 PM on a Friday, my dog would always get excited and head to the truck.
I was stationed in Shanghai for about a year, but lived for years in Thailand with my GF and my dog.
Whenever I had a long weekend I'd fly back to Thailand. My dog quickly picked up on the idea that whenever my GF switched from speaking Thai to English, she was talking to me. I would call her when I arrived at the airport on a Friday evening, as it was only about 15 minutes from our home, and she'd come pick me up.
My dog was able to put this whole scenario together and went ape-shit whenever I called on a Friday evening and he would immediately head for the truck to go pick me up. When I would call her at other hours of the day, he would look at her like he knew who she was talking to, but he knew that it didn't mean that I was coming home.



Faked to have a paw injury so I'd carry him around the house.

Beautiful moments!


Sometimes my cat and I share "special moments" in the toilet, during which we're both pooping. What makes it especially "special" is that he makes eye contact the whole time.

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