Animals Dubbed As "Shoulder Pets" Because They Love Hanging Out On Their Humans' Shoulders More Than Anything

by Ayoub

Shoulder pets are the best kind of pets, they just love hanging out on your shoulder more than anything in the world, and they'll never miss an opportunity to do so. We're mostly used to seeing shoulder cats and dogs all over the internet, but we're now getting introduced to all sorts of shoulder pets, each one of them has a unique style but they're all cute as ever.

It's time for you to get your daily dose of shoulder pet cuteness, scroll down and you will notice your mood changing positively. After that, you will definitely know why shoulder pets are the best kind of pets.

"Shoulder Cat Will Be Fun, They Said"

"I Have My Shoulder Mounted Barkzooka Locked And Loaded!"

"Shoulder Dane Anyone?"

"Shoulder Animals Seem To Be Pretty Popular Nowadays. So Here's A Shoulder Crow!"

"Does Shoulder Duck Make The Cut?"

"He Found My Wife’s Hood. I Think He Likes It"

"Shoulder Nugget (And A Lap Full Of Beans)"

"How About Shoulder Sugar Gliders?"

"I See We Are Doing Shoulder Cats Today?"

"I Give You Shoulder Bun"

"My Shoulder Cat Isn't Nearly As Cute As Everyone Else's"

"The Elusive Shoulder Fox!"

"Shoulder Cat In Process"

"Does A Rottweiler Puppy Count"

"Heard You Like Shoulder Cats. This Is A.....pygmy Tree Cat"

"Hope We Are Not Too Late"

"My Shoulder Buddy"

"Shoulder Birb"

"I See Your Shoulder Cat And Raise You A Beard Kitten"

"Do These Count As Shoulder Animals?"

"Do Shoulder Raccoons Count? Courtesy Of My Sister"

"She Was Purrty Proud Of My Accomplishment"

"My Partner Would Like To Know If We’re Still Doing Shoulder Cats?"

"Hope I’m Not Late For The Cat On Shoulder"

"Does Shoulder Chicken Make The Cut?"

"He Always Climbs For A Hug After His Naps. Closest I Can Get To A Shoulder Cat"

"Hope I'm Not Too Late To Raise You A Second Shoulder Cat"

"Sleeping Shoulder Magpie Baby"

"I See Your Shoulder Cats. I Raise You Crown Cat"

"I Give You, Azu, The Shoulder Snek"

"My Dreams Of Having A Shoulder Cat Have Come True"

"Do Chinchillas Count Too?

"Shoulder Cat Or Cyclops?"

"My Shoulder Monster At 10 Months"

"I See Your Shoulder Cats, Is It Too Late For A Shoulder Baby Opossum?"

"What About A Mouse?"

"Behold The Glorious Whiskers Of Shoulder Cat"

"I Thought My Little Shoulder Protector Should Get A Turn Too!!"

"Do Shoulder Horses Count? She's Always Hanging Her Head Over My Neck Waiting For Scratches"

"Am I Too Late? Fern, The Sweetest Opossum!"

"Hopefully Shoulder Kittens Count"

"Shoulder Cats? Nah, How About Shoulder Bear?"

"Jumbo Shoulder Dog"

"I Don’t Have A Cat, So I Present My Shoulder Bun!"

"We Raised A Shoulder Cat"

"I See Your Baby Possums, Duck & Cats On Shoulders And Raise You An Albino Ferret"

"Oh Hi There, I Was Told That Shoulder Cats Are Trending Today"

"Do Shoulder Squirrels Count?"

"Within 2 Seconds Of Meeting The Cat I Was Adopting, She Climbed Onto My Shoulders"

"Silence Human, I’m Looking At Shoulder Cats"