These Adorable Doggos Have Real Jobs And Deserve Your Appreciation

by Elana

There are a lot of different kinds of dogs in this world. Most of them are purely companions, for play, snuggles, and a lifetime of memories and good times. Other dogs serve a more specific purpose. Sometimes they are service dogs, trained to help the medically vulnerable and disabled people.

Other dogs, while they may be primarily companions, are also apart of the work force. It's high time we "pawsed" our day and lifted up the working class doggo, for without these special pups, our lives just wouldn't be the same.

What's even better than appreciating dogs with jobs? Appreciating adorable dogs with jobs, and all of these hard-working dogs are definitely adorable.

1. "I Took My Dog To The Vet Today And Met This Guy. The Sign Underneath Is The Best Part"

In case you don't speak doggo.

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2. "My Local Hardware Store Has A Dog That Follows You Around, And Takes Your Items To The Counter For You"

What a good helper!


3. "This Best Boy Helping Children Testify"

Providing comfort and compassion to those who need it most is a most honorable position to hold.


4. "Lifeguard Doggos In Croatia"

The best paddlers on the planet.

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5. "My Buddy's Dog Who Is Trained To Dig Up Sea Turtle Nests So They Can Be Safely Incubated And Set Free After The Hatch"

He's as fashionable as he is helpful!


6. "Jax Is The Official Stamp Licker At The Post Office"

Honestly? I'm just so glad this job exists.


7. "This Flower Shop Has A Flower Assistant Who Just Needed To Take A Break In A Bed Of Flowers"

There's no better place to take a break when you work in a flower shop, is there?


8. "Pilot Scares Away All The Birds Who Might Otherwise Come In To Contact With Aircraft At Vancouver Airport"

He's doing a dog-gone good job.


9. "Good Boy Uuno Works Very Hard As A Video Game Developer"

Someone has to make video game dogs more realistic, and Uuno is the fella for the job!


10. "My Truffle Hunter With The 18oz Of White Truffles She Found Today"

I don't know why she looks like you've done her a concern, she did a great job!

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11. "This Police Puppy"

Big things in store for this pupperino.

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12. "The Newest Employee At Our Funeral Home, Luna. The Sleepy Comfort Pup"

I'd say a funeral home is a great place for a comfort dog.


13. "This Is Oreo And He's The Greeter At Our Menswear Store"

Hello good sir, can you take my coat?


14. "This Bar I Go To Has A Roof Where The Security Guard Stays In One Spot To Welcome Guests"

I bet she has the best "aroooooooo!"


15. "K9 At Their Training"

If this doesn't make you giggle with delight, you may need to re-examine your heart.

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16. "This Is Pickle, A Certified Search Dog For BC Search & Rescue. Here He Is Posing Proudly With A Shoe He Found"

Good Boi Pickle!


#17."Meet Hope! She Gave Kisses And Candy At The Airport On Valentine's Day"

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.


18. "Barney Is An Assistant And All-Round Good Boy At The Post Office In Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland"

He's the luck of the Irish.


19. "Dog Mechanic On The Job"

He's a heckin' good doggo!


20. "Biscuit, A Staff Moral Officer"

Few things in life could boost moral quite like Biscuit here.


21. "Met This Good Girl At The San Diego Airport. She’s There To Brighten Your Day And Ease Your Travel Anxieties"

Traveling by airplane has become pretty stressful over the last 15 years, dogs like this can ease tension and help people relax.


22. "All The Good Therapy Doggos At The Hospital"



23. "Very Good Boy Helped Me At The Body Shop Today After I Got Into An Accident. Best Customer Service I’ve Had In A While"

So serious. So special.


24. "Met A Very Good Boy Today, Complete With His Own Business Cards"

I genuinely appreciate that he has his own business cards.


25. "The LCC Comfort Dogs Have Put Their Cutest Employee To Work"

Answering the phones can be exhausting.


26. "Meet Aunt B, A Young Mini Doodle With A Very Important Job. She Works For Funeral Homes, As A Comfort Dog For People Who’ve Lost Loved Ones"

What a sweetie!


27. Sammy Is The Official Emotional Support And Greeter Dog At The Psychiatrist Office Where I Work. Licks And Love Are His Specialties"

To be gifted in licks and love is a special gift indeed.

27. Sammy Is The Official Emotional Support And Greeter Dog At The Psychiatrist Office Where I Work. Licks And Love Are His Specialties

28. "This Is Rusty. He Volunteers At My Local Hospital Cheering Up Patients. He Never Leaves Home Without His Glasses And Work Bandana"

He's a very professional looking pupper doggo.


29. "My Local Print Shop Has A Dog Working On The Counter"

If you told me you don't appreciate being greeted by this baby, I wouldn't believe you... and if you were serious? I wouldn't trust you.


30. "This Is My Office Manager. She Keeps Us All In Line"

She means serious business, folks.

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31. "New Worker At The Local Gym"

Guarantee he'll be employee of the month most of the year.


32. "Jerry Is A Registered Therapy Dog. She Is All Smiles At Work"

Therapy dogs tend to really love their jobs.


33. "Our Bernese Mountain Dog Visits My High School Kids And Helps Them With Science"

Yeah, science!


34. "Hello! Welcome To The Hyatt. How Can I Help You Today?"

You've made my day better just by existing.


35. "This Cute Pupper Helps People With Epileptic Seizures On A Skiing Resort"

Ready and willing to brave the cold to serve people in need.


36. "Are You Happy With Your Current Service Provider?"

If you're my current service provider, then yes. Anyone else on Earth? NO.


37. "Harvey Looking His Best For His First Day"

Harvey is a dapper lookin' dude.


38. "Security Boy In Shanghai"

He's ready for a ruff-day and a scruff-day.

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39. "Dogs Working Hard And Going To Be Virtualized Forever In The Last Of Us 2"

They deserve all the bones and scritches.


40. "Finn Bartends When He’s Not Helping My Sister With Her Vertigo"

He's multi-talented.