50 Wholesome Photos From The "Dogspotting" Facebook Group

by Damjan

Dogs have this unique quality of being able to make us smile anytime, anyplace. No matter what our troubles are, they somehow always manage to trigger at least a slight smile.

And the most amazing thing is -they don't even have to be near us- We can watch a photo taken a thousand miles away and still be able to feel the energy of that moment.

The highly popular Dogspotting Facebook community has more than 1.8 million members, and it's dedicated to capturing and sharing that moment. It's one of the best places on the Internet to hang out, whether you are a dog owner or simply like watching wholesome dog pics.

We've selected 50 of the best pics posted there, and we know you are going to love them.

1. "Parents Sent Me A Photo Of This Bouquet Of 5 Week Old Puppies. Spotted On The Sunshine Coast"


2. "Here We Are Back Again. This Ain’t Even My Dog It’s A Clients I Saw Today. Moose!"


3. "Snoozin’ Through The Atlanta Airport"


4. "These Two Goofballs Gave Me A Mini Heart Attack When They Popped Up To Wall Here. No Borks, Only Wanted Pets. Would Gladly Pet These Shed Monsters Again"


But, it's important to know that not all dogs want our love and attention.

"Lots of us light up when we see a furry friend on our travels, and our first instinct is to try to become friends, but our canine companions might not always feel the same way about us. Before approaching any pooch, the most important thing to remember is to check with the owner first. Not only is this polite, but the owners will also know a lot more about their beloved pet's behavior than you do," says Anna Ewers Clark, a PDSA Vet.

5. "Spotted In Greenwich, London. My Only Question Is How Does He Turn On The Torch On His Head? Yeah, Other Than That... No Obvious Questions"


Anna explains that some dogs can have phobias that we’re not aware of. For example, they might not like the attention they are getting, and it’s sometimes best to admire them from far.

“Other dogs may be over-enthusiastic and might jump up or lick you if their owner isn’t prepared. With these dogs, you might be able to do some positive training by talking to the owner and rewarding the dog with lots of fuss once they’re calm and sitting down.”

Anna says that all dog lovers should “get clued up about canine communication.” Dogs don’t speak, but their body language says a lot.

“Even if the owner gives you the go-ahead to say hello, it’s important to check that the dog is happy and relaxed while you’re greeting them. It’s really important to pay close attention as some doggy indicators can be very subtle or misinterpreted. PDSA’s canine ladder of communication shows how to tell if a dog is stressed or unhappy.”

6. "Spotted 2 Cows Lol"


7. "Jasmine Just Turned 18!"


The people who run the Dogspotting group couldn’t agree more. And they know their business. The entire Dogspotting project is far bigger than you might think. It is comprised of Dogspotting Society, Dogspotting Media, and Dogspotting Court. And it takes a lot of effort to keep them running smoothly.

The Dogspotting team says that their community members are very proactive. For example, they initiated fun challenges like #‎didntwantadogchallenge and #HiddenDogChallenge.

"I think it’s a common experience when you’re in a household of many to have one person who might not be as excited as the others. But dogs usually find a way to melt those hearts pretty quickly. And as we’ve seen on the page, it happens a lot!" one of the page’s representatives says.

8. "Um So My Mum Did Some Dogspotting Today On A Work Shift, And Sent Me This Via Text. Mums Text: “Wth?” Me: Omg"


9. "I Was Able To Meet My Niece, Nelly Gnu, For The First Time Today. She’s A Rescue And Clearly Now Living Her Best Life!"


10. "We Do Not Know These Dogs Or This Owner. They Were On A Hike And Ran Up To Us"


11. "Spot The Hooman. A 2 Year Old Teddy Bear"


12. "Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Cle)"


13. "Today I Met Blue, It Was Love At First Sight, Look At Her Face?!?! Ahhhh My Heart Exploded. Her Owner Said She Could Be Petted All Day, A Job I Would Happily Take On"


The team also urges people to adopt a dog, especially now when so many of us are working from home. "Now is a great time to do it! With so many people working from home, you'll have more time to bond with your new best friend! Contact local animal rescues and shelters in your area, and they'll be able to help you! We know this year has been very difficult for a lot of our members, and the challenges have added a bit of levity for everyone."

14. "Stop Right There Sir. You Are Simply Too Sweet To Be Allowed. This Is Cooper, He Was Out On His First Big Walkies"


15. "My Neighbor’s New Pup.. Meet Casey"


16. "Doin’ A Protecc. How Dare I Get So Close To His Car!!! Angry Reacts Only"


17. "Rafferty The Black Labrador Puppy Or Vampire. Probably Wouldn't Suck Your Blood, But Will Definitely Eat Your Shoelaces"


18. "Oh My Dog"


19. "Spotted This Baby At The Grocery Store And Forgot What I Went For"


20. "The Cutest Lil"


21. "Saw This Queen Outside Value Mart Today. She Didn’t Have To Stunt On Us This Hard"


22. "Sonja Is Having The Best Of Her Times"


23. "Got To Meet A Very Happy Sleepy 9 Week Old Duck Today And Thought I Might Die. 16/10 For Softest Smiling Yawn"


24. "Jewelry Shop Basset"


25. "Meet Gunner...the Bestest Old Boy Who Had Knee Surgery... So His Human Made Him His Own Private Elevator. 100/10 Would Pet Again!"


26. "Someone On My Block Got A Goldendoodle Puppy! I Bent Down To Take His Pic And He Threw His Paws Up His Name Is Max And He’s 3 Months Old"


27. "Dewey Is 6 And He Sees With His Heart... And With His Nose And His Ears. Blindness Does Not Stop Him From Enjoying Life, Or A Day At The Beach. He Has A Very Loving Mom And Dad Who Know How To Care For Him Properly. 1000/10 For This Boy"


28. "This Is Chance. He’s A Therapy Pupper. He Comes To The Hospital Sometimes When Life Is Hard. He Has My Heart! I’m 4’11”. He’s 145 Lbs Of Love And Sweetness"


29. "My Boyfriend (Not On Fb) Just Sent Me This Pic From The Brewery Where He Works And Now I’m Dead"


30. "Just Found The Sweetest Baby Boy Lost In The Rain. She Started Following Me As I Was Walking My Dog. The Search Is Currently On For His Owners As He Waits In The Security Office At Our Building. I’ll Take Her To A Vet In The Morning To See If She Has A Microchip"


31."This Pup Was Too Scared To Be On An Escalator"


32. "Cutest Scene Spotted In A Bus"


33. "This Dog Makes Everyone So Happy At My Moms Assisted Living!"


34. "All Eyes On Her"


35. "Don't You Just Love Such Views While Taking A Ride In Public Transportation"


36. “You Get Down From There Right Now Mister”

36. “You Get Down From There Right Now Mister”

37. "Our Office Recently Hired A Senior. He’s 15. Has No Teeth, Can Barely Smell Or Hear. But He Is Perfect"


38. "New Assistant At The Local Pharmacy"


39. "I Walk Past This Fence Hole Every Day When I Walk My Dog. This Is All I’ve Ever Wanted To Happen"


40. "Guys This Is Jackson And He Just Came To My Work"


41. "Met Arnold Today. He Is Seventeen!"


42. "This Little Princess Came Into My Work Today. Her Name Is Blu And I Can’t Handle How Tiny She Is. She Took Over My Heart. 2238578483/10 Would Let Her Run Around Again"


43. "My Moms Newest Family Addition Sebastian Is Taking Quite A Liking To The Cats. They Don’t Seem To Mind Beth Craven Gazeta"


44. "Mr. Steal Yo Girl 15/10 Would Be Catcalled By This Man Again"


45. "Met Callie Boating Today. 10/10 Would Rub Her Butt"


46. "It Looks Like Scooby Doo Is Waiting Patiently For Shaggy To Come Back With Scooby Snacks"


47. "Thank You To This Kind "Gentleman For Directing Me To The 2x4s. What Lovely Staff


48. "Good Noot Pupper"


49. "The Look You Get When You Don’t Cover Your Nose With Your Face Mask"


50. "Spotted The Most Majestic Lion Watching Over His Pride In The Heart Of Hackney. 15/10 Would Make Lengthy Eye Contact Again. Pure Floof"