Photos Of Chickens In Tutus Prove Fashion Is For All Species

by Elana

Unless you personally are known in your neighborhood as the "Crazy Chicken Lady," (which is entirely possible, I'm not saying you're not that person,) then there's a chance you don't realize just how much chickens are worth appreciating. Chickens are one of the most widespread domestic animals and there are hundreds of breed varieties.

Most people think of dogs, cats, and rodents when they think of "family pets," but chickens are truly fascinating animals. They have pain receptors similar to humans, taste buds, and really good vision (better vision than humans, to be precise.)

Considering how cool this fowl is, why wouldn't you dress them up in tutus? That question no longer needs to go unanswered, because dressing chickens in tutus is exactly what people are doing now.

1. Naturally, she's making a fashion statement during her meal.

3. You could say she's got pride.

4. "Speck, Goldie Hen and Retro"

5. They should call her Elsa because she's a Snow Queen.

6. How could every day not be magical with this in your life?

7. Dress for every occasion.

8. Clarabell is strutting properly.

9. "Who doesn't love dressing up their pets. I just happen to love dressing up my chickens. Every chicken should wear tutus!!"

10. May I introduce you to Calliope?

11. "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

12. Dora here knows she is fabulous in her tutu, she loves it.

13. Her name is Raquel.

15. Tiny Dancer

16. "Sometimes pandas want to be sloths and chickens want to be ballerinas."