People Post Photos Of Their 'Broken' Dogs That Are Hilarious

by Damjan

Dogs always find a way to make us laugh, whether it's intentional or not. But the cutest pictures are made when they are goofy. Somehow, they can pool it off. They can look entirely derpy yet still entirely adorable. We are not the only ones who believe that. The "What's wrong with your dog?" subreddit is the best proof. Active from 2015, it has more than 1.2 million members who are constantly contributing photos of their pets being "weird."

We've compiled a list of the 50 of the derpiest and cutest dogs from the subreddit, and we know you are going to love them.

1. "This Is Honey. She Will Show You Her Ears Or Her Tongue, But Never Both. The World Isn’t Ready For That"


2. Darkheart

2. Darkheart

3. "My Dog's Best Friend Is A Brick"


4. Is this what an identity crisis looks like?

4. Is this what an identity crisis looks like?

5. "Just A Girl And Her Electrical Outlet Cover. No Matter How Many Times We Put This In The Tool Bag, She Always Picks It Back Out. Never Tries To Do Anything To It; Just Holds It And Sleeps With It"


6. "Meanwhile In The Suez Canal"


Kimberly Freeman, a professional dog trainer, said that the COVID19 pandemic has been rough for most of us, but we can learn from our pooches how to live in the moment and be thrilled with the small things.

She said that we can "look out of the window and admire the beauty around us (or the neighbor's cat) or be excited when the postman delivers something new (especially a new purchase). Even relax and be content with our own company and the company of those around us."

She emphasized that dogs can also teach us "to forgive when you truly are sorry (just like that time you accidentally stood on your pup's tail)."

7. Resting

7. Resting

8. "My Friend Wanted A Dog So He Went And Adopted Hank. He Is A Little Different"


9. Empty house

9. Empty house

10. "Made A Friend, Being Extremely Cool And Normal About It"

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11. Is this a turtle?

11. Is this a turtle?

12. Dog plant

12. Dog plant
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13. "He Really Loves Digging"


14. "Honey, The Dog's Walking On The Wall Again"


15. Upside Down

15.  Upside Down

16. Jump!

16. Jump!

17. "My Dog Stares At Me Like This To Gain The Bed Pat Giving Her Permission To Jump Up"


How can dogs be so happy all the time?

Kimberly understands that taking care of a pup can sometimes be hard. "Shit happens (literally), and no matter how well-behaved our dogs are, we cannot control every element of their actions."

But "sometimes the most surprising things our dogs do bring us the most unexpected joy." she gave an example of "non-dog owners having no idea how hysterical a dog snore or a snaggle tooth can be."

Having a dog in our lives does wonders for our well-being. Studies have shown that owning a dog makes us happier, healthier and helps us cope with hard times in our lives.

18. "Lou's Got A Lot On His Mind"


19. It is so cold....

19. It is so cold....

20. "My Vet Sent Me This From My Dogs Check Up Today"


21. "This Is What She Does All Day. Just Sits There And Judges You"


22. "Did We Adopt A Baby Hippo?"


23. Simply derp

23. Simply derp

24. "My Roommates Left For The Day With The TV On. I Go Downstairs With My Dog And She Does This"


25. Sorry

25. Sorry

26. "My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This When I Was At Work And Let The Dog In Her Apartment"


27. It fits!

27. It fits!

28. "Thought We Were Going For A Walk, Ending Up Going For A Climb"


29. "Not The Brightest, Definitely The Cutest"


30. "Just So We're All Fully Aware That Sir Frederick Has Not Stopped Doing This Every Single Night"


31. What is this?

31. What is this?

32. "We Have A Yard Full Of Grass. He Prefers His Personal Spot In The Driveway"


33. "Went To My Local Dog Bar, And My Brothers Dog Decided To Go Make Friends With These 3 Random Guys. Just Joined Their Group And Hung Out For A While"


34. "Mommy! Can’t You See I Need Attention"


35. "He Blows Bubbles When He’s About To Eat"


36. "Wobbly Looks Like A Complete Derp When He's Excited"

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37. "I Love It When I Come Home And He’s Already Done The Dishes!"


38. "Looks He Got Into My Stash"


39. "This Isn’t Fast Shutter Speed. He Just... Lays There Like This"


40. Comfy?

40. Comfy?

41. Is it an ostrich?

41. Is it an ostrich?

42. "Only Now Discovered This Sub And Thought I Should Share An Old Photo Of My Dog, When He Was A Puppy And Was Still Learning How To Dog"


43. "Found Her Sleeping Like This As I Left For Work"


44. "He Woke Up From His Nap And Slid Half Way Off The Couch Then Just Stayed There Wagging His Tail"


45. "My Deep Sea Monster, Freddy"


46. Multitasking

46. Multitasking
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47. What are you looking at?

47. What are you looking at?

48. "To Pass, You Must First Answer My Riddle. What… Is That You Have In Your Hand And Can I Eat It Please And Thanks?"


49. "They Open A Fridge And Within A Millisecond The Doggo"


50. "$150 Anti Anxiety Doggy Bed? Nah, I Sleep On Laptop Bag"