Wholesome And Hilarious Animal Tweets That Will Keep You Mentally Healthy While Stuck At Home

by Ayoub

Our pets are the only reason we haven't lost our sanity in these terrible times, their positive energy allows us to forget about all the negative things in our lives and focus on the positive side of life.

They play an essential role in the preservation of our mental health and entertain us in their own unique ways. You probably don't even notice it but it's definitely an essential part of your everyday life.

The positivity that the animals in the posts below are radiating cannot be found elsewhere. It's the purest form of indirect love, and we would truly be lost without it. 

1. Supernatural Doggo

2. Don't cry little buddy, I'm here for you

3. Free virtual pet horse

4. He missed his little buddies

5. As classy as it can get

6. You have officially been blessed

7. Comforting each other the best way they can

8. I'm dead 😂😂😂

9. You'll never be as cool as this 'cool cat'

10. E-I-E-I-O

11. Happy bark mitzvah Sophie!

12. Spherical Boye

12. Spherical Boye

13. Their point of view

14. Just sunbathing, no big deal

15. Professional kitty back massage

16. You've been home for way too long hooman