In Switzerland It Is Illegal To Only Own One Guinea Pig Because They Get Too Lonely

by Rachel

As any pet owner will know, having a pet is a truly wonderful thing. Having a little (sometimes), furry (also sometimes), friend to keep you company is a wonderful part of life.

But what happens when the pets start to get lonely, too? Sure, we often get pets to prevent our own loneliness, but what about when it happens to them?

Some pets are naturally herd animals, or, at least, the prefer the company of other animals. It makes them feel happy and safe.

Switzerland has introduced a series of laws to prevent this from happening; meaning you can only own more than one of certain kinds of animals.

Switzerland has given some animals "social rights."

For guinea pigs, this means that it is illegal to only own one because they get too lonely by themselves!

They are naturally herd animals and rely on the comfort of having a family.

If one of your guinea pigs dies before the other, you can rent a guinea pig to keep it company.

(Yes, you read that right!)

The laws extend to other animals, too.

You must also have more than one goldfish. Parrots must have the opportunity to socialise with other birds, or else you must have more than one.

Cats are allowed to be the sole animal--however, they must be able to go out and meet other cats, or at least watch them through a window.

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