IKEA In Italy Lets In Stray Dogs To Shelter Them From Harsh Winter Cold

by Elana

The world's largest furniture retailer, Swedish born IKEA has had a lot of reputations over the years they've been around. Sometimes they get a bad rep. Other times, you are sure to find a plethora of people who are obsessed with the Swedish giant. Considering you can get anything from ready-to-assemble furniture and kitchen appliances to home goods and services, it's pretty easy to see why IKEA gets more love than hate.

These days an IKEA in Italy is really raising the bar on what it means to proudly wear their name because they've maximized their potential by using their warmth and cozy home and bedroom design space to let stray dogs come in and rest from the harsh cold outside. The IKEA store in Catania, Italy is really on to something!

In an interview with The Dodo, Martine Taccia said:

The dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEA's employees and customers. Some dogs have even found a family, going home with customers.

As many things with the Internet tend to go, once word got out it was clear we are all totally obsessed with the good work IKEA is doing for the dog community. Local customers love what they're seeing and have been sharing posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. Now the whole world knows!

IKEA is not the only company to invite furry friends on their premises. Barnes and Noble, pet-supply stores like PetSmart and PetCo, home-improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's, Apple stores and Pottery Barn all allow pets inside.

But no one has quite nailed the IKEA Italy model.

IKEA Italy posted to their Instagram:

The best way to live a new beginning at home is to offer a home to those who do not yet have it. Find out how to adopt a four-legged roommate.

When you see how happy these dogs are to be warm and cozy inside the IKEA store, it's hard to imagine why everyone isn't doing this good deed!

To their benefit as well, these cozy, snuggle pups make their decor look more like home than an empty, furry-friend free space could make them look!

It's normal no for IKEAs in Italy to let dogs in. Naturally, there is an official campaign to get the IKEAs in the United States to join in on this awesome practice!

We're totally for it!