Weird Cats Who Suddenly Started Malfunctioning

by Ayoub

Cats are some of the weirdest creatures on this planet, they are constantly doing questionable things and we will never know why they always randomly start behaving like they're not from this planet. If you're a cat owner, then you probably already caught your cat doing something weird but weren't able to catch it on camera.

These cat owners managed to capture the rare moments where their cats started malfunctioning and considering how difficult cat photography is, they definitely need an award for their amazing skills. They shared their picture on a subreddit called r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat where you can share weird pictures of your malfunctioning cat.

"He's Trying To Pass Out In Adorable!"

"All Hail To The Light"

"He’s About To Speak Italian"

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He's trying to contact his peers

He's trying to contact his peers

"Guys, Please, What's Wrong With My Bat?"

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"He Fell Asleep Like This"

"He Doesnt Give A Flying F."

"Is This What They Call Cubism?"

"He Is Laying On His Back On Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Wide Open, Just Staring At The Ceiling"

"My Cat Is Self-Sufficient"

"Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting"

"Malfunctioning At 2 Am"

"*visible Confusion*"


"Think Batteries Are Low"

"Too Exhausted To Even Make It To The Amazon Box"

"Everytime I Clear Out Some Space In The Fridge, Noodle Thinks It's For Him"

"I Wanted A Cat, But I Got Whatever This Is Instead"

"Meet Katsu: A Dramatic And Needy Boi Screaming For His Hooman"

"This Seems Like A Good Place For Laurie To Chill (Fry In The Background)"

"Sadie Big Stretchin’ In The Sun Looks Like A Mirror Camera Effect... But She’s Just Löng"

"Don't Know How He Got There. He Cries Until I Come Look At Him"

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"Too Lazy To Stand Up So He Clogged The Sink With His Body And Created A ‘Drinking Pool’"

"My Friend’s Explanation Is “He’s Just Weird, Idk”"

"My Mom’s Cat. 100% Stuck And Not Nearly As Amused As I Was"

"The Whisker Demon Has Returned To Assert Dominance While I Clean Up Her Hairball"

"Some Cats Hunt Mice And Bring Them To You As A Gift. My Cat Hunts Bread"

"Whatever Is Comfy I Guess"

"Just As The Prophecy Foretold"


"Mom Sent Me This Picture Of My Cat This Morning While She Was Cat Sitting. Kitty Loves Her Grandma!"

"Even More Heartwarming Is That It Was A “Mommy’s Home” Reaction"

"Oprah Loves Hanging On The Clothes Horse"

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"Cat Raising Paw To Gain Attention"

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"Told Gobbolino To Get Off The Cupboard. He Made This Face"

"Family Just Got A New Cat, Haven’t Met Her Yet But This Is The First Picture My Mom Sent Me Of Her Lol"

"Very Well Then"

"I'll Always Be Watching John There's No Escaping Me"

"The Rare And Extremely Dangerous Trouser Cat"

"She Tried Out A New Pose On The Stairs Today"

"My Cat Sleeps With His Eyes Wide Open Sometimes And It’s Creepy As Hell"


"I Find Her Sitting Like This All The Time"

"Superhero Pose!"

"I Guess It’s Nice And Warm?"


"Smile For The Camera"