Stolen Siberian Husky Advertised on Facebook But She Gets Caught Out In Her Web of Lies

by Irene

Earlier this month, a woman pleaded on Facebook for people to help her find her boyfriend's Husky named Sansa. Now, in some neighborhoods, it isn't uncommon for 'exotic dogs' to be stolen out of people's backyards. It isn't known if the dog escaped or if it was forcibly removed, but what does matter is what happened in the aftermath.

Not long after the dog was reported missing, another woman posted the dog for sale in a post entitled 'Husky about 4 months old very friendly great price for sale'.

The woman who had the missing pup assumed that she was doing the right thing and even called upon her good faith in God to instill the belief in people that she was actually a 'good person'.

The missing doggo post

The missing doggo post