Hilarious “Ok, Boomer” Jokes That Would Pretty Much Work In Any Situation

by Ayoub

Millennials and Baby Boomers have been hating on each other for a long time. It's almost impossible for them to agree on anything and they both consider the other side as the worst generation of all time.

Generational relations are quite complicated and it's always been this way, but this time, things escalated to a whole new level.

The “Ok, Boomer,” meme was initially created after people started using it as a generic reply to any clueless comment submitted by an older person, especially if that person is making negative remarks about our modern world today. 

A lot of people who belong to the baby boomer generation started claiming that “Boomer” is a slur for a “minority group.” but no one actually took that seriously until The Dictionary eventually destroyed any claims of ‘Boomer’ being a racial slur.

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The only appropriate answer

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Okay bro

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