People Share Stories Of How Their Pets Take Care Of Them In This Heartwarming Thread

by Stephanie

Let's be honest. We all think we're amazing pet parents. We all think our four-legged babies are the most spoiled ever, and perhaps they are. But really, they're the ones who take care of us. At the end of a long, horrible day, they're the ones waiting for us with an endless amount of love to give when we get home. And they ask very little in return. Just some love, some attention, somewhere to sleep and something to eat.

Our pets are an endless source of unconditional love & support, and we don't deserve them.

Recently, Adweek editor, Sammy Nickalls tweeted about how her cat is always there for her when she needs her. She then asked her followers to respond with examples of how their pets are also incredible sources of comfort when times are tough.

Scroll down to see some of the adorable replies Sammy received.

Sammy posted a tweet asking her followers what their pets do to help when they're feeling down.

She shared what her own cat does, and her followers began posting their own stories about their beautiful fur-babies.

They just know

He adjusts

His last gift

They know when you're in pain

You got this!

They cuddle when it matters

They know what you need

They put you first

So beautiful

The day my dad died, my 3 month old puppy picked up each one of her toys and brought them to me because they make HER happy, and then when I was still sad she licked my face and cuddled up right in my arms, no wiggles or bites.
— Maggie Williams (@pdxmaggie) February 28, 2019

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