Look At These Wholesome Pictures Of Senior Cats Living Their Best Lives

by Rachel

When you get a cat as a kitten, obviously, it grows up. It is a fact of life.

Kittens, and younger cats, seem to get a bit of a cooler reputation than older cats. We always talk about how fun and cute cats are when they are younger, but how about when they get older?

Older cats are just as lovely as young cats--even though they are less likely to be adopted. Older cats may have special needs and they may not be as playful, but they are just as lovely.

Check out these pictures of old cats that will melt your heart! And, as always, don't forget to share your senior cat pictures in the comments below!!

3. Cat ramp! Cat ramp!

My dad built a ramp so our 20 year old cat can still get into the bed. from r/aww

5. These eyes!

My beautiful 18 year old girl Mia with the Eyes of Sauron. from r/cats

7. Looks so regal!

My 23 Year Old Cat from r/aww

11. Mood

A few weeks ago I adopted a 12 year old cat. She buries her face in my hand when she wants more love. from r/Eyebleach

13. :P

This is my 17 year old cat, Geo. He still looks like a kitten to me 😻 I got him when I was 10. from r/aww

15. "Back in my day..."

This cat is 26 year old. Her name is Lexi. from r/pics

17. Doesn't look a day over 15!

My little guy is 20 years old and still as cute as ever from r/cats

19. Lovey is such a good name

My grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving and no one would take his 18 year old cat... So we did. Welcome home, Lovey! from r/cats

21. "Chip? For me?"

My 22 year old cat noticed I was eating Doritos. from r/aww

22. Thomas looks like a stand up guy!

I hear you guys like old cats. This is Thomas. He’s 27. from r/aww

23. All cats are innocent babies, regardless of age.

When your cat is pushing 20 years old, but can still pull off that innocent baby look. from r/aww

25. Best friends forever!

This guy has been by my side for twenty years today. He helped me through some rough times. from r/pics

27. Do you have any pictures of senior cats? Share them in the comments!



Tiger is 31 years old, and is still a prime example of the ever loving box and cat relationship. from r/aww

31. Sweet baby

I was 23 when I adopted him. He's 16 and I'm almost 40. Just the sweetest kitty. from r/aww