Tweets From The 'Thoughts Of Dog' Twitter Account To Make All Dogs Think

by Mikayla

Forget about following your favorite stars on Twitter, because this account is better than anything else you'll click onto today. The Thoughts of Dog Twitter account takes it one step beyond tweeting about your dog, it's a 100% dog run account filling us lowly humans in on the best part of our canine friends day. It comes from the creator of the amazing account WeRateDogs™.

So if you love that account you'll definitely love the content coming from this hilarious dog. It's deep, it's funny, and it's everything you'll ever need if you've ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking, so check it out below!

Perk of being dog:

i. am. a strong proponent. of:


He Protec!

This has been an important PSA


Extra sleep is ALWAYS a win!

What is this sorcery?

It is the law!

Who wouldn't pat a dog? Monsters.

You wish, lil pup.

which reminds me. i took your shoe.

All of. the above.

Why though?

Party pups are the best pups.


*pets furiously*

Cut it out.

do. not. take. my. ball.

The more annoying the sound gets the more I love you!