Tweets About Dogs Every Dog Lover Will Absolutely Adore

by Ayoub Mask

People love dogs so much because there's just so much to love. People invest in them emotionally because they know they will get even more love from them or at least exactly the amount invested.

Our lives would be so different without them, they take such a special spot in our hearts and embellish them with their unconditional love. Twitter is full of tweets about dogs, which shows just how obsessed people are with them. These dog owners often share the funny ways their dogs do things or the hilarious situations they found them in. No matter what the content of the tweet is, you will definitely enjoy it. 

It really does deserve more attention

He absolutely adores it

How do I get one

He's eating it like a champ

He's not having it

Stop being on your phone all the time and give me some attention hooman

He was inspecting it first and asking for its consent

We have a lot to talk about Max

Pleasantly shocked doggo is shocked

Hipster Boye

This good boye is so talented

He's classier than me tbh

L O N G B O Y E Doing a heckin' fetch

Nothing but love

On his doggo throne