Silly Photos Of Cats That Make Us Question Everything

by Elana

A growing and popular community on Reddit is filled to the brim with cat fanatics. These cat fanatics are doing scientific research of sorts, loosely defined. They're posing a question and packing the proof with countless pictures: What are cat bones made out of? What are cats even? How do cats constantly defy the laws of physics??

They're important questions and if you love cats as much as I do (and especially if you care for any cats, as their slave or whatever, which you probably do,) then you've probably asked them yourselves! The r/noodlebones community proposes that cat bones are not bones at all, and they've made a compelling argument that I'm willing to indulge today. Join me:

1. "Three legged noodle."

Cats live life to their own set of rules and leave us humans scratching our chins and pondering how the heck they do things such as this:


2. "All noodle here."

Their ability to contort in unimaginable ways has led some people (who may or may not claim to be scientists, we did not check their credentials) to propose a theory.


3. "I heard she belonged on here. Cocoa Bean aka pretzel."

The theory proposed is that cats... well, their bones? They're made of noodles.

via: Luxeru

4. "Snorkel is a bit weird."

In an effort to move their theory to the forefront of scientific advancements and discussions, a subreddit was born. r/noodlebones


5. "Is he coming or going? I can't tell."

The subreddit is disguised with a description that invites users to upload: "Animals that get all twisted up & yet find it comfortable."

But we know the truth.


6. "Twisty Kitten."

The truth is that these photos help us solve the great question of our time: "What even are cats?"

via: emvic1

7. "if anyone finds a leg bone it might be ours"

The theory that their bones are made of noodles... is a sound theory when you inspect this visual evidence.

via: chisf8

8. "Bonus teef."

Spaghetti noodles, ramen noodles, egg noodles... noodles.


9. "i think my cat is broken"

Other potential noodles that may be in place of bones consist of: linguine, fettuccine, and angel hair pasta.


10. "I think my cat broke..."

So, how does this happen? "Scientists" (or cat-science enthusiasts) have a theory.


11. "Beans has no bones."

I must warn you, it's not a great theory. Nevertheless, it is a theory.


12. "Oh. Hai!"

The theory is that before they're born, their bones are boiled in water and they soften like noodles, just like the boxed ones you may or may not buy in the store.

Look, I warned you that it wasn't a good theory but it's what they're running with. They know you're prepared to not believe them and they have a challenging question to confront you back with.


13."I don't even know how all of my foster's parts are connected."

They ask you: If cat bones are not made out of noodles, how do you explain all the photographic evidence you've seen here today? Hmm?


14. "Nap time."

It's a fair question, the only answers are not answers at all. Cats defy physics, their bones are made of noodles.


15. "A nap at the top of the castle"

Whelp, I'm convinced. Cat bones are clearly made out of noodles and r/noodlebones has all the proof we need.