17+ Wholesome Animal Tweets That Will Turn You From Sappy To Happy

by Ivan Kim

Parents love to talk about their kids almost all the time. And dog and cat parents are no different. They want to share everything funny about their cats and dogs.

Pets aren't just adorable but also endlessly entertaining. You probably have a pet or maybe you know someone who has one or more.

Unfortunately, not all of us can bring our pets to our office. So, if you're feeling sappy in your chair right now thinking about your pet you left at home, let these funny animal tweets entertain you for a while.

Check out these wholesome funny tweets we've gathered just for you!

1. What better way to start your day than with a coffee, a cat, and your loved one, right?

2. The goodest boy just graduated

3. The doggo that wants to be in the family dinner

4. Baby Yoda is in the house

5. Lydia thinks she's still tiny

6. "Where do you see yourself in 15 years" Me: *tucks up my cat*

7. Something I'd do in a Sunday afternoon

8. The secret life of pets

9. Friend: "Let's go out for a coffee" Me: "I'm busy" Also Me:

10. Just a Police Tortoise checking in if everyone's okay

11. Awww, you're crying!

12. Doggo is rollin', and they hatin'

13. The wiggle is just too hard to resist

14. This cat determined to get all the attention

15. Exactly what you need to see today to kick the stress away

16. Lucas getting all spoiled

17. Her brother made the wrong decision

18. The cutest cat you'll see today

19. A dog and a sea lion

20. This is how I love my cat

21. My heart is melting!