18 Wholesome Animal Tweets You Didn't Know You Needed

by Stephanie

It's no secret that we LOVE animals! In fact, there are a significant amount of people who even admit they like the company of animals far more than that of humans. Understandable really. I mean, an animal will never let you down, stab you in the back, or lie to you. Just saying.

But, I digress... We LOVE animals, and we love a good animal tweet!

Whether it's an adorable pooch graduating from puppy school, or a cute cat with its very own Christmas tree, there's something about nice, wholesome animal content that just seems to make your day better, right?

So, scroll down for 18 adorable animal tweets that are guaranteed to brighten up your day!

18. We all just want to feel included.

17. Awwwww.

16. Oopsies.

15. Look at it. Look!

14. Oh, hey!

13. Best Christmas ever!

12. Congratulations!

11. It's how he rolls.

10. All you need is a good blanket and a soft pillow.

9. So handsome.

8. I fits, I sits.

7. That poor cat.

6. Best game ever.

5. Well, why would you want a picture of anything else?

4. Yep, pretty much.

3. Looks like Baby Yoda he does.

2. He's so happy!

1. It's definitely a conspiracy.