Incredibly Dramatic Pets That Could Win An Oscar For Their Performances

by Elana

If you think there isn't much more than some rocks rolling around in that head of your pet's, you're wrong. Just plain wrong! First of all, science has proven dogs are at least as smart as 2-year old human children. And cats? They have almost twice as many neurons as dogs, do!

Your pet is smart, and even if you believe they're smart, they're probably still even smarter than you've given them credit for.

If you don't believe me, consider that a speech pathologist taught her dog to talk using a button machine. Not only that, but these ten pets gave very convincing performances of their impending untimely demise... when there was absolutely nothing medically wrong with the little turds.

1. If your cat abruptly stops eating, that's usually a serious sign that something is wrong.

Particularly if your cat has not been travelling or vaccinated recently, an abrupt cease in consuming food usually indicates illness. According to PetMD: "A number of different conditions may be responsible, including infections, kidney failure, pancreatitis, intestinal problems, and cancer. But it isn’t always serious -- something as simple as a toothache can make your cat stop eating."

This cat, though? This cat was just pissed off that daddy went away for a week.

2. Speaking of starving oneself...

A blow to the ego may also be a cause.

3. "Fine, I'll just make myself sick."

Not even going to lie, this is impressively petty of the fur baby.

4. Those eyes, paralyzed in... what?

Oh right, that.

5. Sick or Stinky?


6. IT but with dogs.

Precious pup.

7. Humans find this relatable.

Am I sick? No, just need the good-good.


"My paws? MY paws? Too good for this cheap grass, Karen."

9. Also relatable to humans.

Farting is a universal experience, I guess.

10. Cats love, love, love running water. They prefer it actually!

That's why we strongly recommend this running water fountain that cats adore!

What's the most dramatic thing your pet has ever done? Share your stories in the comment section now!