Overly Dramatic Pit Bull Falls Over During A Nail Trimming Captured On Video

by Elana

It would be disingenuous not to admit I have a personal bias, with my very own pit bull sitting next to me as I view this adorable video over and over again and cannot stop giggling to share my delight with all of you. I'm well aware of the hate pitty breeds get, I've seen people creep into delightful and adorable videos and photos of our sweet velvet hippos to say nasty things about our lovable loafers.

They have an unfair reputation, but they're incredible sweet and silly dogs. And it's very easy to capture their silly and sweet sides on camera because as far as I can tell, they rather enjoy the attention.

Now, for every pit bull hater out there, there are tons of devoted proud pitty parents helping to destroy those unfair reputations.

Like Jennifer Hindieh, who dressed her dog Bailey in her own special dress for her wedding day to her long-time boyfriend.

Or a whole firehouse that rescued Ashley, then adopted her as their official firehouse dog.

Now, as if these precious pups couldn't get any more lovable, a video of one pit bull in particular has gone completely viral!

This overly dramatic pit bull was more than willing to humor her humans for a necessary nail trimming, or so it seemed.

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She offered up her paw at her human's request but as soon as the clipping began she pretended to faint and completely flopped belly up!

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Her face says it all.

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This pawsitively hilarious video has racked in almost 10 million views. Yes, you read that correctly. She's a priceless gift to the Internet and we love her.

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What do you think of this overly dramatic pupper doggo? Let us know in the comments and share pictures of your pit bulls!