Meet Bowie, The Most Majestic And Magnificent Cat Who's Gone Viral Because Of His Distinctive Look

by Ayoub

Bowie is a gorgeous cat with heterochromia that managed to cham the internet with his distinctive features. The European Shorthair has blue and green eyes due to his heterochromia, it’s beautiful phenomenon that is quite rare.

Bowie lives with his owner Maria Lloret in Spain and according to her, he is "very playful, sometimes too much!", he also enjoys playing with other cats, even though sometimes they don't want to play with him.

The owner is quite aware of the fact that the legendary David Bowie doesn't have heterochromia but she still gave him that name anyways, which could inspire him to reveal his hidden meowsical kitty talents someday.

Just like every other cat out there, Bowie is obsessed with napping and eating. “We haven't found a food he doesn't like,” Maria said.

“When he sees the bag of treats he always starts purring instantly. Oh! And his favorite toys are little mice (the ones with things inside, so they make sounds when you shake them). It's so funny to see him playing because he throws them in the air to catch them again,” the owner told Bored Panda.

Bowie was found abandoned in a park by a local animal shelter when he was just 3 months old. The shelter was close to Maria’s seaside hometown of Benidorm and fate led her to him.

“My sister saw an advertisement looking for a family for Bowie and when we met him, we fell in love. He was obviously a beautiful cat but he was also so loving, always purring and looking for some warmth. The moment he got home, he started to eat like crazy and fell asleep in my arms,” said Maria.

Maria's cats are all rescues, she's quite happy for having them in her life and wouldn't want it any other way.

“Rescuing an animal from a shelter instead of buying always saves lives,” she insisted. “There are so many animals looking for a second opportunity, for a family to love them. We always try to post things about adopting black cats, for example, because we had a cat before Bowie, called Louis, that was black and not very healthy. With a little bit of time and care, he recovered to become an amazing companion. We miss him a lot.”

Maria explained how cats with disabilities, older cats, ill cats and black cats always get adopted last.

“And they are the best ones! Older cats are quieter, they won't destroy your sofa. The ones with health problems will teach you patience and what love is about. And black cats will make you the luckiest person, for sure!”

Maria has been getting contacted by some fans of Bowie saying that the singer didn't have heterochromia.

“As Bowie's fans, we knew it when we named our cat after him. But when I saw his face, I couldn't think of a better name! With his blue and green eyes and the marking on his nose... it was the perfect name.”