Outdoor Cat Finally Accepts The Family That Moves Into His House After A Year

by Rachel

One of the eternal questions surrounding cats; is whether we own them, or they own us. This cat definitely falls into the latter category.

Cats are strong, independent creatures, and they will not do anything that they don’t want to—which I completely respect. Sometimes, this includes accepting love from well-meaning humans.

Animals often take time to learn how to trust people—especially if they have been mistreated in the past. With such animals, patience, and not crossing boundaries is essential in gaining their love and affection.

When animals like this finally learn to love, it feels so gratifying and is one of the most beautiful stories in the world.

Heather Melanson and her fiancé moved into a new apartment last year; and it came with a very special feature. A fluffy ginger cat would appear in their garden sometimes.

The cat, who they nicknamed Carrot Cake, didn't want to make friends.

Months went by, and Carrot Cake continued to avoid is new "landlords."

Melanson told The Dodo:

“He gave us the impression that he has the run of the block. At one point, someone cared for him enough to put a flea collar on him.” 

One day, everything changed.

Months went by, and Carrot Cake continued to avoid is new

Carrot Cake wandered over to the patio, and this time, when Melanson extended her hand to pat Carrot Cake, he let her. He headbutted her, and she ran to get some food.

Ever since, Carrot Cake continues to return for food. He's even letting Melanson treat him for fleas.

They're trying to take things slow, so as not to scare him off again!

“We feel so special to have been chosen after so long. We love him and I think he loves us, too.”