Cranes With Great Civic Sense Help A Baby Alligator Cross The Road

by Ansa

What is the craziest, weirdest thing you have seen crossing the road before? This must be the most amazing thing you could have seen so far.

Well, Mallery Neptune witnessed one such mind-blowing occurrence with her family when she was driving with them in Saint Cloud, Florida, to an arts and crafts store. It was an amazing sight.

There was a baby alligator who was getting out of the grass and onto the road. And there was a family of cranes that appeared to be escorting him across the road.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving in the grass,” Neptune shared. “My arm flung [out] and hit my husband in the chest and I yelled, ‘Babe! Stop the car! There’s an alligator crossing the road!’ He hit the brakes and we watched the scene unfold.”

Baby Alligator Stepping Onto The Road

“I was really hoping it would stay family-friendly since my little guys were in the car with their eyes glued on the alligator,” she remarked.

Baby Alligator Stepping Onto The Road

Family Of Cranes Guiding Baby Allegator Back To His Pond

Neptune shared that she had seen this family of cranes often. They are usually hanging on the other side of the road on a grassy patch.

When they saw the cranes in their spot, initially they thought that maybe the cranes are just guarding their turf against the alligator. “The cranes were on his tail,” Neptune told.

“At first, it looked like a game of follow-the-leader, but once the alligator was in the street, the cranes went ahead to guide him home.”

Family Of Cranes Guiding Baby Allegator Back To His Pond

They Have Finally Reached The Other Side Of The Road

It was a rare but impressive sight to see the cranes in action. They had spread out their wings as if they are protecting and guiding the alligator at the same time.

They tactfully steered the alligator on the other side of the road and away from their turf. “It was amazing to see them use their wings to increase their size and redirect the alligator,” she added.

“They were definitely a team working as a united front.”

They Have Finally Reached The Other Side Of The Road

Checkout This Amzing Video Of This Event

It seemed like the alligator understood what the cranes intended. Even then, the cranes had to make sure that he returns to his pond.

Neptune shared that it was a unique opportunity for her and her family to observe different animals interacting in such a manner. “We have seen alligators sunbathing around the ponds, but we have never witnessed one crossing the street or interacting with cranes in this manner,” Neptune added further.

“It was so much fun to witness these amazing animals!”

Cranes On A Casual Stroll

Neptune exclaimed that she had intended to make the video of it to show it to her dad. But once she got home and watched it again that she realized that it is a very unique video and that it reflects greatly on the way animals interact.

So she shared it online. It is no surprise that it went viral in a few days on social media. “I decided to post it because the whole interaction was making us laugh, and I thought some of my friends might enjoy the laugh, too,” Neptune told.

“Laughter is contagious and we could all use some good laughs right now.”