Smart Dog Guides Biker To Abandoned Newborn And Saves His Life

by Damjan

Junrell Fuentes Revilla from the Philippines was riding his bike when a dog he never saw before started running beside him and barking. Usually, a situation like this would be unpleasant, even scary. Still, the man immediately realized that the dog wasn’t aggressive – he just wanted to get someone’s intention. And he succeeded.

Junrell felt like something wasn’t right here, so he decided to follow the dog. It led him to a small pile on a nearby garbage dump. The biker checked that pile and quickly realized the dog just helped him save a life.

Junrell found an abandoned newborn baby in that pile. The dog probably stumbled across the poor baby on one of his food runs and took it upon himself to hind a human who could help it.

The biker stood shocked for the moment but quickly got it together and took the baby to the local police station. Luckily, the doctor's examination concluded that the baby was okay and in good health. And it was all thanks to the wonderful, intelligent and courageous dog - now named Blacky

via: Hope for strays

Blacky’s story made its way on the Internet, and he quickly became a star. But, more importantly, his stardom got him a new home. People from Hope for Strays, a non-profit animal shelter, believed Blacky deserved to be rewarded for his heroism and that praises are just not enough.

They’ve partnered with Pawssion Project to celebrate Blacky and his human family. They brought them gifts, pet supplies, and treats for the hero dog.

via: Hope for Strays

“This is a reminder to everyone that dogs are like family,” they wrote on their Instagram account. “Please treasure them too, they too can save lives.”

via: Hope for Strays

Blacky’s actions are the best proof of how wonderful dogs are. And we humans sure can learn a lot from them.