Sausage Dog And Seal Became Best Buds And They Are Incredibly Cute Together

by Damjan

We were all on trips where we met different people, got to like them, and became friends. The wonderful thing is that they are different than us, from different walks of life – generally, people are not likely to meet in our everyday boring lives. 

This couple goes over the top, though. Not only that they are not the same species but don’t even live in the same surroundings.

Ayla, the rescue seal, and Stanley, the two-year-old dachshund, are the most unlikely pair of vacation friends.

They met at Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, where Stanley was vacationing with his human, Melanie Talbot.

The first time they met, Ayla came right to the window so she could greet her new friend, and they spent 20 minutes posing for photos.

Could you think of a cuter duo?

The adorable photos were published on the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s official Facebook page:

“DOG OF THE WEEK. We’ve decided as we get so many incredible dogs visiting us, we wanted to share our favorite each week (trust us, it is hard to pick!) This [week’s] winner is Stanley, who shared a magical moment with Aayla.”

Melanie thinks that Aayla may have mistaken Stanley for a small seal because he wore a fleece jacket and snood. Still, it seems that the seal doesn’t care about that and loves to spend time with her friend, fleece, or no fleece.

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