Jasper The Blind Sphynx Is Incredibly Adorable

by Elana

Jasper was a seemingly healthy sphynx cat when he was adopted by Kelli at two years old a decade ago. After two healthy, happy years together, Jasper was diagnosed with FHV (also known as Feline Herpes Virus,) but at the time all that really changed was, in Kelli's words, he was "a sniffy boy."

Then in November of 2013, things took a shocking urn when Jasper got a corneal ulcer in his right eye. The only treatment option was to remove his right eye entirely, so that's what his family decided to do. On Instagram, Kelli says, "he went on being a happy, healthy, now one eyed kitty. Until September 2018 when he ended up with a corneal ulcer in his remaining eye."

Yet again, the best treatment option for Jasper was to remove his left eye.

It was scary for his family to realize Jasper would be completely blind, but Kelli says he adapted really, really well!

Jasper went on to be healthy and just fine for most of his life with only a few hiccups along the way.

In April 2019 he had a mild stroke.

Speaking of his stroke, Kelli says:

"It was a terrifying experience trying to figure out what was going on, why he woke me up spinning in circles, but the diagnoses was a relief."

She adds:

"The cause is unknown, which is unfortunately common, but it means it wasn’t caused by any of the awful things that we know can cause one. Since then he’s recovered almost 100%, he walks a bit more cautiously and occasionally is unsure of where is is and will meow for help, but otherwise he’s perfect."

"He’s a very happy kitty, who is otherwise extremely healthy. He’s 12 years old, but the vet says there’s no reason to think he won’t live another 10 years."

Today, Jasper has over 70,000 fans on Instagram.

Kelli has said she gets tons of fan artwork featuring Jasper.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Kelli said:

"I get art of him all the time, and at least five people have gotten him tattooed on them, and that's not including me! It's wild, but so, so appreciated!"

Jasper has two sibling cats who are younger than him, they keep him on his toes.

Like many humans caring for special needs cats, Kelli uses Jasper's Instagram and social media presence for good.

She shares pawsitive messages to help reduce stigmas about adopting special needs cats.

Encouraging people to consider special needs cats, Kelli told Buzzfeed:

"A blind cat can still live a very fulfilling, happy life. If you're thinking of adopting a pet, maybe take a look at the less loved: the elderly, the disabled. They may just be the best companion you'll ever have."

She also has a merch shop for Jazzy that has some of the coolest merch any cat on planet earth has.

She regularly donates proceeds to organizations she supports, you can check out their pawsitively awesome shop here.

Some organizations proceeds have gone to include MedShare and Black Lives Matter.

They also have a Threadless account!

Fans who follow the dynamic kitty offer lots of love and support.

Although sometimes Jasper's appearance can be a little shocking, his zest for life inspires and wins over everyone who takes a chance to get to know him.

Jasper is a happy cat, living a good life with humans who love him dearly.

And even though he looks different from not just every other cat, but also Sphynx cats, he is obviously very adorable.

Sphynx cats are special to begin with, they don't have traditional fur and need some special grooming that most cats don't need.

So, at least Jasper's family already had their hearts in the right place when they decided to adopt a Sphynx cat.

They may not have been able to anticipate the journey in store for them, but it seems they wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Jasper's purrsonality radiates on social media, we can only imagine what a delight it is to live every day to the fullest with him.

We also can only hope to continue to get a glimpse into his journey through life, he's just so cute and we're totally attached now.

You rock, Jasper!

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