Stolen Dog Can Contain Her Excitement When She Gets Reunited With Her Dad And Jumps Straight Into His Arms

by Damjan

Shortly after their move from Michigan to North Carolina, Aaron Morris and his service dog, Jolene, were harshly separated. Aaron pulled over into a Dollar General and left his dog inside the car since he had a quick errand to run.

But when he got out, his car was gone. He didn’t have time to unpack, so his vehicle contained pretty much everything he owned. But he didn’t care much about the things, because his best friend, Jolene, was in the car too. This was the first time in six years that they have parted.

“This was my guardian angel. My best friend. I told her everything. We did everything together,” Morris wrote on Facebook. “I need her back in my arms ... This is destroying my heart.”

via: Aaron Morris

For Morris, finding the car, wallet, or phone — wasn’t as important as finding Jolene. But it was difficult to search when you are a stranger in the state and have no means of communicating. So, he started to lose hope.

At the same time, a brown lab/pitbull mix was dropped off at Morristown Hamblen Humane Society in Tennessee. A Good Samaritan found her wandering the streets. The shelter staff noticed the pink collar and name tag.

They’ve tried calling the phone number from the tag, but they couldn’t get Aaron because his phone was stolen. So the shelter posted Jolene’s photo on Facebook. Again, Aaron couldn’t see it because his phone was stolen. Luckily, thanks to one social media site, Jolene and Morris found each other again.

Morris instantly headed off to Tennessee. As soon as Jolene saw her human walking in, her tail started wagging, and she ran up to him. She couldn’t contain her excitement and jumped straight into his arms.

See the emotional video here:

“I got you,” Morris said to his friend. “And I’ll never let you go.” Now, they can start a new life together.